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Damn son, this is one shitty fucking game.


Nice graphics on the balloon and the birds, It had a bitchin sound-track too.

The only flaw was that your puke arcs over the birds, Try making it go straight.

This game is pretty cool.

Its in depth and addictive, i cant wait for the medals to come out.

Also: xDOAxShadowWolf We CAN swear on NG, The minimum age here is 13, i think they could handle damn, or shit piss and cunt, it really doesn't matter you fucking cock muncher.

A Somewhat Entertaining Game.

A cool litle game, that requires some accuracy and timeing, The sound track was a very nice touch. The only reason im not giving you a 10 right now is because the ball fells like its going a little too slow, and when im falling most of the time i feel like im guessing, Some of the platforms dissapear as soon as im about to land on them and it costs me a life.

The animation was smooth, The music was cool and it was a bit challengeing.

shnitzel responds:

Thank you :)
I probably shouldn't have neglected that part, thinking it's not crucial and the I'll fix it later. Can't be bothered now anyway.


Score: 2865
Kills: 100

It was a very addicting game and you have to have some pretty good timing for the hammer.

Animation: It wasn't the best animation ever but it was still good, the movement wasn't choppy or laggy and the actual cut seen was pretty good

Humor: Id have to say killing insane pigs with a giant hammer is pretty funny. And the cut seen at the beginning was funny.

Great game!

the graphics were like little Lego men. not the best iv seem but OK.
the game play and conversations were pretty damn funny its one of the more entertaining games here.

Oh and for the idiots that are to lazy to play just stand in front of the supply room and spam the spacebar.


It was one of the most entertaining games I have ever played on NG! The graphics were eh. But the gameplay was fun. It kept me entertained. Hell I even got #17 on the global scoreboard.

finefin responds:

( ^ - ^ ) b

Why is he so fast?

I would vote a 10 if he wasnt. But since he seems like he is as fast as light! Im voting 8.

Renandchi2 responds:

ok, thanks!

yes sebine

its soooo homo sexual that you suck dick at this game

the condor is a

fucking cunt licker........... not an insult but awesome game

Oh hay

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